Advent Begins with Christmas Anticipation // A Prayer

Christmas anticipation prayer

The Christmas Anticipation Prayer places us at the “hour and moment” when Christ was born. The prayer reminds us of St. Ignatius’ method of meditation. St. Ignatius taught us to place ourselves in the Gospels, as if we were actually there. Then he asks us to see what Christ tells us, how we would respond, and what we desire. The … Read More

The Best Tips for Pro-Life Ministry // Interview

pro life ministry

The best advice for pro-life ministry is often about helping someone to use their talents and voice for the unborn. Tim O’Donnell, a professor of philosophy and ethics,  gives some of his best tips to help others get involved in pro-life events. A professor of philosophy and ethics, O’Donnell has been praying outside abortion clinics and taking part in the … Read More

St. Michael the Archangel// He Fights for You

st. michael the archangel

St. Michael the archangel is unstoppable. His appearance throughout history and the battles he fought and won for the salvation of souls inspires wonder and awe. No one is sure what he looks like – being pure angelic spirit– but St. Michael the Archangel’s likeness seems to be known by all. Sacred Scripture documents his existence, mentioning him in the Bible … Read More

A Mighty Presence: CCJC students receive the Sacrament of Confirmation

It was a very special night for students and family from the Catholic Community of Jennings County. Archbishop Charles Thompson confirmed the students at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis on Sept. 21. Archbishop Thompson said the Holy Spirit is essential and represents the “the perfect communion of love,” with the Holy Trinity. “We are blessed here tonight,” he … Read More

All About the St. Therese Novena Prayer

st therese novena prayer

The St. Therese  Nine-Day Novena Prayer is starting for the Catholic Community of Jennings County. Father Jerry Byrd, who has a deep devotion to the Carmelite saint, is asking all his parishioners to join him. The petition to St. Therese is for seminarians and priestly vocations especially from our parishes. Father Byrd feels a deep desire to pray for priests … Read More

Why We Need the Eucharist and How School Kids Gave Witness to the True Presence

catholic church

The beauty of the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist was shining for all to see when St. Mary’s Catholic School students took part in a Eucharistic Procession on Sept.  7. Students made banners to carry in a special Eucharistic procession to kick-off support for the National Eucharistic Revival that will be coming to Indianapolis in 2024. “Overall … Read More

What We Can Learn About Work from Mother Teresa on This Labor Day

Mother Teresa saint of labor

A Missionary of Charity Sister venerates St. Teresa of Calcutta’s relic at SS Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis.  Photo by Jennifer Lindberg (c)   As America celebrates Labor Day – a tribute to the accomplishments of American workers – the Catholic Church celebrates Mother Teresa’s feast day–one of the best known saints of the 20th century. Mother Teresa knew … Read More

How to Unleash Showers of Graces for Catholic Priests

There’s a new prayer initiative at the Catholic Churches of Jennings County. Father Jerry Byrd announced a Prayer Cenacle of support for priests and the seven men  in seminary from the Catholic Community of Jennings County.  “We need to allow ourselves to be transformed and converted to be made into the men and women God wants us to become,” Father Byrd … Read More