Healing & Deliverance Resources//Our Lenten Talk

Healing and Deliverance is an important ministry in the Catholic Church. The definition of healing is an ongoing encounter with the love of God that brings wholeness and communion, according to author Bob Schuchts. There are three ways of healing: physical, emotional and spiritual. It means checking to see what is the root of your problem, said Fr. Jerry Byrd. … Read More

The Devotion of God

A devotion to God equips us with the ability to love Him back. There are thousands of devotions in the Catholic Church. It can get overwhelming to know which devotion is for me? We go back and forth with questions like: Do I pray the rosary? Do I start novenas to every saint? Do I go to Adoration? Discerning the … Read More

Need Some Lent Inspiration? 30 Pious Practices for Lent

If you are looking for some Lent Inspiration here’s a list of 30 Pious Practices for Lent. You can do these in addition to the resolutions you made or make these part of your Lenten Resolutions. Sometimes it is easier to break things down into manageable habits throughout the 40 days of Lent. Our Lord tells us in Scripture, “Unless … Read More

Feast Then Fast: Because That’s the Beauty of Our Catholic Faith

We are an Easter People! Even with the season of Lent! If there’s ever a liturgical marking in the church year that shows this it is the day before Ash Wednesday. Before Ash Wednesday, comes Fat Tuesday (aka Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras.) Some to say sweet before sour. While we get our ashes on Ash Wednesday– a day … Read More

Latin Mass Schedule

Father Jerry Byrd has announced the Lent and Easter Schedule for the Oratory of Our Lady of Providence. Please note the Mass will now begin at 6 p.m. and not 6:30 p.m.  Confessions will begin at 5:30 p.m. Download the PDF Here.   

5 FoolProof Ways to Live Lent Like A Christian

One Lent Fr. Jerry Byrd decided to go big. He slept on the floor and gave up coffee, and meat. It all lasted about 14 hours. “We have to be reasonable in our penances and prayer,” said Fr. Byrd. He learned this in seminary when he was growing in his love of God and wanted to do more for God. … Read More

Holy Face Novena: Please Pray with Us!

The Holy Face Novena is a deep devotion that leads us into Lent. We will finish the Novena on The Feast of the Holy Face on February 13th –“Shrove Tuesday” — the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The Devotion The devotion was first spread by the efforts of Venerable Leo Dupont (also known as the Apostle of the Holy Face) who … Read More

The Light of Candlemas! February 2

Celebrate Candlemas with us on February 2, right before the 6 p.m. Mass at St. Joseph. A table will be set up for you to bring your candles for a blessing. This is also our First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart. What is Candlemas? Celebrated on February 2, Candlemas is a significant day in the liturgical calendar for Catholics. … Read More