A Special Rome Edition! See Photos from Fr. Byrd’s Recent Pilgrimage!

We’ve all heard the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” but did you know it comes from a Catholic saint and was tied to a fasting controversy? St. Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan, is credited with uttering the expression to his friend St. Augustine in the fourth century. In Milan, the Catholics didn’t fast on Saturday’s like … Read More

You’ll Want to See This Special Rome Issue of the CCJC Memo!

You’ll want to see this special Rome Edition of the CCJC Memo! And as always it’s got Save the Dates, some important Mass times & more! Click on the CCJC Memo Image below or download the printable PDF HERE! Get the On The Blog photos from Rome mentioned in the CCJC Memo HERE in a PDF printable. Or click on … Read More

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s last year’s homily from Father Jerry Byrd for meditations on Christian Fatherhood!  

Here’s the CCJC Memo!

Get Your CCJC Memo! Click the photo below or download the PDF file HERE     Free Download of St. Anthony Prayer Card is HERE! And there’s still time to send your prayer petitions to the pilgrims carrying Jesus across America with the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage!

5 Things Everyone Should Know About St. Anthony

St. Anthony is quite the saint to find and once you do you will never let him go. While this saint is known for finding lost objects – he’s on most Catholics’ prayer speed dial — there’s a lot more to this humble friar whose feast day we celebrate on June 13 – the anniversary of his death 793 years … Read More

Send Your Prayer Petitions to the Eucharistic Pilgrims!

Eucharistic Pilgrims are carrying YOUR PRAYERS and offering them each day right now! You are invited to be a part of Jesus being carried on foot, by motorcade, and by boat across more than 6,000 miles of our nation – culminating in the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis. You can send the pilgrims your intercessions as they walk with Jesus across … Read More