What is Ad Orientem//Catholic Mass

ad orientem

“Together we face towards the Lord who comes,”  is a common phrase used when describing ad orientem in the Catholic Mass. The posture of the priest when he faces the altar is called ad orientem – meaning to the East.  The Extraordinary Form of the Latin Mass is always celebrated ad orientem, the ordinary form of the Mass. The Mass … Read More

The Sacred Heart of Jesus//Indulgence & More

Sacred Heart of Jesus Feast Day

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is celebrated on the Friday after Corpus Christi. The feast day on June 16 brings some nice surprises: A solemnity on Friday means you can eat meat. There is no obligation to observe a Friday penance. There’s also a plenary indulgence attached to the feast day. What is the Sacred Heart of Jesus? The … Read More

St. Anthony Feast Day

Happy Feast of St. Anthony! St. Anthony of Padua was raised by a wealthy family in LIsbon, Portugal. However, St. Anthony died in Padua, Italy were thousands visit his tomb each year. He was noted for powerful preaching, expert knowledge of the Catholic faith and Scripture. While he is a patron saint of lost things, he is invoked for countless … Read More

Corpus Christi//Eucharistic Amazement

corpus christi eucharist

Corpus Christi is the Feast of the Body of Christ that proclaims the Eucharistic Amazement we have as Catholics. Pope St. John Paul II coined the term, “Eucharistic Amazement,” in his encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia. The late pontiff asserts that Eucharist action incites amazement. “When they celebrate the Eucharist, “the faithful can relive in some way the experience of the … Read More

Join Us for Corpus Christi Celebrations This Weekend!

The Feast of Corpus Christi  shows that who God puts in your path really matters. The celebration of the feast involves two saints, a pope, and the distinction of being the first-ever feast day required by a pope! It was so important that Pope Urban VI assigned the papal theologian St. Thomas Aquinas to compose new liturgical texts for the … Read More