CCJC Memo: Info on Bobby Vogel’s First Masses & Happy Anniversary Fr. Byrd!

Here’s all the events you need to know with our CCJC Memo! Click on the image below or download the PDF.  We also celebrate Fr. Byrd’s 12th anniversary of the priesthood! Keep scrolling for a photo from his 10th anniversary. Also in case you missed the photos of the Marian Procession, find more HERE!    

2024 Marian Procession at St. Joseph

It was beautiful! See the pictures from our 2024 Marian Procession. If you wonder why we honor Mary during the month of May this article explains it!

Three Words From God That Changed Bobby Vogel’s Life

Deacon Justin “Bobby” Vogel will be ordained a priest on June 1 at SS Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis Read about his journey to the priesthood in the article by The Criterion! Also, see more photos of him, upcoming events at our parish, and some parish history you might not have known about men from our parishes who became … Read More

We are Making History! Find Out More in the CCJC Memo!

We are making history around here!  Justin “Bobby” Vogel, gets ordained to the priesthood on June 1. He’s the first priest to come from the parish in several decades. Deacon Vogel said it was three words that changed his life and led him on the path to the priesthood. Read about his journey in this article by The Criterion.   … Read More

Novena for Priestly Ordination: Day One

Please join us in praying for Deacon Anthony Armbruster, Deacon Sam Rosko, and Deacon Bobby Vogel as they prepare to be ordained to the priesthood on June 1 for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Deacon Vogel grew up at our St. Joseph Catholic Church. After ordination, he will be the parochial vicar at St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis. Novena Day One … Read More

Pentecost 2024

Our celebration of Pentecost was beautiful! Pentecost celebrates the 50th and final day of the Easter season. We have seen many significant moments in our liturgy this month. After celebrating the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven recently we head into Pentecost and then Ordinary Time. After the Ascension, the eleven remaining Apostles return to Jerusalem. Acts 1:14 says, “All these … Read More

Here’s Your Memo for the Week!

Here’s your CCJC Memo for the week of May 19! Check out our save the dates, news about a summer seminarian, and a great photo of Our Lady of Fatima! Want the printable version? Download your CCJC Memo HERE!