St. Joan of Arc// The Amazing Saint of Confidence

st joan of arc

St. Joan of Arc’s confidence in God inspires us, other saints and some surprising people through history. As a teenaged girl she guided the armies of France against England to install the rightful king to the throne of France. That same king, Charles VII, later denied her and did nothing to stop her martyrdom. Her life is mystical, magnificent, and … Read More

St. Joan of Arc’s Life in Art

st joan of arc

St. Joan of Arc captivates the imagination of artists past and present. View some of the most famous works courtesy of the public domain in honor of her May 30 feast day! Portraits of St. Joan of Arc The Blessing of the famous standard she took into battle The interrogation of St. Joan of Arc that led to her being … Read More

Fr. Byrd’s Anniversary//Remembering His Milestone Year!

eucharist anniversary

Take a look at last year’s celebration of Fr. Byrd’s 10th anniversary of his ordination to the holy priesthood. This year, Fr. Byrd celebrates his 11th anniversary. We are blessed and may God bless him!                     Image credits (c)J. Lindberg

Corpus Christi Celebrations and Other Exciting Upcoming Events


Corpus Christi and priestly ordinations fill the bulk of upcoming June events. Join us for our Corpus Christi Celebrations through the month of June and July. This feast honors Jesus Christ, truly and substantially Present under the appearances of bread and wine. This Presence happens through the change which the Church calls transubstantiation (“change of substance”), when at the Consecration … Read More

Pentecost Novena with Fr. Byrd

The Pentecost Novena is the original novena. It’s the first one ever asked for and by Jesus. After the Ascension– when Christ was taken up to heaven after rising from the dead — He asked them to remain in prayer. Jesus asked them to pray constantly in the upper room until the descent of the Holy Spirit which came on … Read More

May Feast Day & Masses


Download your snapshot of the May Feast Days and Mass changes for May 18-27 below: May 18-27   Also see our new blog posts about The Ascension and St. Rita!      

Why St. Rita is the Patron Saint of Baseball

Saint Rita, baseball

St. Rita is a surprising saint of something we might not expect: baseball. The Italian saint is known for being incorrupt, having the stigmata, and bringing peace to warring families in Italy. But baseball? The game wasn’t even invented when St. Rita of Cascia was born in Italy in 1381. Why is St. Rita the Patron Saint of Baseball? Baseball … Read More