Why We Need the Eucharist and How School Kids Gave Witness to the True Presence

catholic church

The beauty of the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist was shining for all to see when St. Mary’s Catholic School students took part in a Eucharistic Procession on Sept.  7.

Students made banners to carry in a special Eucharistic procession to kick-off support for the National Eucharistic Revival that will be coming to Indianapolis in 2024.

“Overall I think it went great.  I believe that it brought all of us as a school closer to God.”  said student Sylvia Kovacich

Father Jerry Byrd, pastor of the Catholic Community of Jennings County, led the students in the Eucharistic procession that stopped at three different altars on the school and parish grounds.

Principal Lisa Vogel said her heart was full watching the students keep their eyes on Christ. Hear what she had to say in this brief video!