The Devotion of God

A devotion to God equips us with the ability to love Him back.

There are thousands of devotions in the Catholic Church. It can get overwhelming to know which devotion is for me?

We go back and forth with questions like: Do I pray the rosary? Do I start novenas to every saint? Do I go to Adoration?

Discerning the difference between what works and what doesn’t isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Fr. Jerry Byrd walked us through it in his Lenten Devotional Talk.  The secret sauce? It is about starting small and staying consistent.

“Consistency bears fruit,” he said.

The Top 5 Ways to Stay Devoted

  1. If a devotion isn’t working for you–it’s probably not for you.
  2. Start with three Hail Mary’s in the morning and three Hail Mary’s at night to book end your day. Then add the rosary after doing this for awhile, or another devotion. Try this for six weeks.
  3. The Brown Scapular is a good devotion to start with if you don’t know which one to pick. That’s because it is tangible with a scapular you wear around your neck.  You then make an act of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by praying a rosary or  the Psalter of Our Lady.
  4. Don’t self-condemn. God is not going to stop loving you if you miss the devotion or fail at it. However, it’s not a carte blanch excuse to ignore devotions!
  5. Pray to the Holy Spirit Every Day! He will help you pray your devotions and inspire you to choose a devotion that is right for you!