Feast Then Fast: Because That’s the Beauty of Our Catholic Faith

We are an Easter People! Even with the season of Lent!

If there’s ever a liturgical marking in the church year that shows this it is the day before Ash Wednesday.

Before Ash Wednesday, comes Fat Tuesday (aka Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras.) Some to say sweet before sour. While we get our ashes on Ash Wednesday– a day of fasting and abstinence– we have some nice fun before Lent begins with Fat Tuesday!

It’s gotten out of hand in the secular world, but Fat Tuesday is meant to help us enter into Lent.  So,  go get your ashes, observe the fast, and kick off your voluntary Lenten disciplines. But first, have some fun on Fat Tuesday!

Come to our Fat Tuesday event where Fr. Jerry Byrd will explain devotions and celebrate with the tradition of the King Cake — find baby Jesus that is buried in the cake and you get a chance to some great Catholic prizes. We will have food and learn a lot about our faith.

Lent is near but this Mardi Gras let us help ignite your Lent! We got some great resources, especially Father Byrd’s Lenten Plan. It lists several doable ways to live Lent and grow closer to the heart of God.

Get Father’s Lenten Plan below:

Lenten Plan

Here are some other resources to help with Lent:

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