Easter News! A Special Round Up

Even the most important things can pass us by too quickly if we don’t prepare for them. We’ve spent 40 days preparing for this one feast day! As this week leads us to Easter Sunday, we are walking through the moments of Christ’s life. These moments lead us to our moments of celebrating with family and friends, hiding Easter eggs for the kids, and contemplating the love Christ has for us to lay down His life so that we can live this life abundantly!

The best story is our Easter Story of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Here’s a list of good things to celebrate this Easter along with our Easter Mass schedule.

Here’s our Easter Masses:

Come to our Easter Egg Hunt.

Ever wonder what Jesus did on each day of Holy Week?  Who did Jesus chase out of the temple on Monday? What happened on Spy Wednesday? Learn more here.

Need some  Easter Brunch Ideas?

Have you ever heard about St. Mary Magdalene and the Red Easter Egg? It’s a strong part of our tradition of giving out Easter Eggs.

Finally, don’t miss this great rendition of Handel’s Alleluia! No Easter singing is complete without it!

We wish you all a very special and blessed Triduum and Easter season. Easter lasts 50 days in the church calendar. It’s that important!


In Case You Missed Our Holy Week Schedule, click on the image below: