30 No-Fail Ways to Have a Holy & Catholic Lent

We can enter into Lent by preparing with no-fail ways to have a truly Catholic and holy Lent.  Christ helps us carry our burdens and sees our our efforts to conquer our weakness in practical, do-able, and helpful practices.

30 Ways for a Holy Lent

Father Jerry Byrd has prepared a Lenten Plan to help parishioners enter into Lent. Many of these practices the saints themselves used. Others are for our more immediate age in an era of constant distraction with entertainment and social media.

It has three main components to help parishioners enter into Lent — a season of prayer and penance set apart by the Church to prepare us for Easter and to recall Our Lord’s fast in the desert. While Lent is challenging, it can also be one of the most fruitful times in our lives.

The Main Pillars

Every undertaking starts with a plan and main points. The 30 Ways for a Holy Lent has three main pillars.

  • A Voluntary Amendment of Life: This is about giving up bad habits, such as gossip. Your goal is to break a bad habit forever and Lent is a good time to do it. Love your soul more than your body!
  • Acts of Penance: Your goal here is to train yourself to say “no” in little things so that you can say “NO” to big temptations later. Some suggestions are giving up eating out to harder mortifications such as praying Three Hail Mary’s before the shower warms up.
  • Works of Charity: This one is  about doing good works and holy actions. It strengthens your relationship with Christ and His beloved Church. Ideally, what you start here continues in some way after Lent is over.  Some examples are: praying the Rosary every day, attending daily Mass as much as possible, or setting specific time in minutes each day for reading  Sacred Scriptures or the lives of the saints.

The End Goal for a Holy and Catholic Lent

Lent is about “loving God more than yourself,” said Father Byrd.

It is a period of training the soul to virtuous and holy living. Please take a moment to read and outline your own plan for Lent with the free Lenten planner:

30 Ways for a Holy Lent



Image Credit: A crucifix in the choir loft at St. Mary’s Church in North Vernon. (c) Jennifer Lindberg