Healing & Deliverance Resources//Our Lenten Talk

Healing and Deliverance is an important ministry in the Catholic Church.

The definition of healing is an ongoing encounter with the love of God that brings wholeness and communion, according to author Bob Schuchts.

There are three ways of healing: physical, emotional and spiritual.

It means checking to see what is the root of your problem, said Fr. Jerry Byrd. For instance, is the root of your problem is gossip, judgement, theft, lying or others you need to heal those in the redemption of Christ.

“Stop chasing the symptoms,” Fr. Byrd said.

That takes some work because we have to figure out what our core wound is and not be afraid to let Jesus heal it.

Deliverance is realizing what strongholds keep you from freedom. Do you believe lies about yourself? Can you not forgive someone for hurting you? Can you not confess the sin that keeps you from God. Deliverance is uncovering the lies and then affirming the truth.

For example: If you think you are unworthy, you must proclaim the truth that God loves you. Every baptized Christian has the right to do this.

The binding prayer could be as simple as saying, “I bind the spirit of rejection.” This then replaces it with God’s truth and love.

Fr. Byrd also suggested learning about the Auxillium Christianorum. You can find out about the requirements here or download the prayers on the APP link.

For Fr. Byrd’s  prayers below here’s the PDF printout for you! Or click on one of the photos below.