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For the Christian death is not an end, but a beginning. In death, the faithful follower truly lives with our Lord in eternal and blessed union. This is what we long for-heaven.  These following pages might seem to be morbid or dark, but for a Christian they are pages of hope and expectation. Remember man that you are dust and to dust you shall return. Death is a reality of life, and everyone should be ready. A simple way to prepare for your own death and to assist your family and friends, who will be left behind, is to pre-plan your funeral.  At the time of mourning it can be a great comfort to your family and friends to know that the readings, songs and other arrangements that are made for the celebration of Holy Mass and Christian Burial were specifically chosen by you. Remember, it is the grace of being a baptized Christian that upon death the Sacred Rite of Christian Burial should be celebrated. This is the desire of the Church. Please read through, pray about and fill out the following pages. It is a wonderful way to keep our eyes fixed on heaven.

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