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Religious Education

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The K-8 Religious Education Program strives to catechize our children through sharing the basic elements of the Catholic faith and preparation for the reception of Sacraments. This is done in a classroom setting using a variety of teaching techniques. A student that is catechized throughout their elementary school years should finish 8th grade knowledgeable about the following areas: Traditions and history of the Catholic Church; key stories of Scripture; Catholic morality; Prayer; and the Sacramental life of the Catholic Church.
All youth (K-12th grade) are required to be part of religious education. It is the obligation of parents to insure their child’s participation. On the day of a child’s baptism, each parent promised God and the Church they would bring the child up according to the law of Christ and His Church- This MUST be fulfilled.  JUMP START – our Sunday School program has begun for children ages 3 through 7th grade. Contact our Coordinator, Claudia Slabaugh, with any questions.

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